Empowering people to interact, share, and participate with their favorite media.

ACTV8 focuses on 3 initiatives: building and utilizing breakthrough multi-screen technology, creating the best interactive entertainment possible, and deploying into new verticals around the world.

ACTV8.me and its partners NCR and Intel have created a multi-screen advertising and transactional platform that is based on capturing consumers on very specific moments within their path to purchase. The ACTV8 Platform powered mobile adoption for some of the largest TV shows on network television. Now with NCR and Intel, we're bringing it to retail, travel, hospitality and live events.

ACTV8.me began its journey in 2010 to build out its platform by developing an impressive array of relationships, filing patents, and creating a totally interactive transactional infrastructure. Elements of this infrastructure include TV show synchronization, interactive gaming, purchase redemption, delivery of big-data intelligence to advertisers and now a proprietary digital currency distribution platform.

In 2012 ACTV8.me began developing, perfecting, and deploying its technology platform within the United States with some of the largest TV networks and global partners by launching the following mobile applications:

ACTV8.me recently signed an exclusive agreement with NCR, the global leader in consumer transaction technologies. With its software, hardware, and portfolio of services, NCR enables more than 450 million transactions daily across the retail, hospitality, financial and travel industries. Together with NCR, ACTV8.me will enable a new world of transactions.

In August 2013, ACTV8.me signed an agreement with Intel to imbed its technologies across multiple revenue generating verticals. Together with NCR and Intel, ACTV8.me will create an industry standard for digital transactions using ACTV8.me’s proprietary mobile platform.

The ACTV8.me platform spans across major verticals, including: television, retail stores, travel, hospitality and live events. The objective is to create valuable offers at critical moments of influence, to stimulate customer interaction and mobile transactions. Wherever there are opportunities to transact, ACTV8.me and its global partners will be there to create additional value for the consumers, retailers, and brands.

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